Party FAQ’s

How do I pay my final party balance?
Can I set up a tab for drinks / food etc?
Do you provide Cake and candles?
I have a child with a food allergy - Do you cater for them?
Do I need to arrive early?
Can I do Private Hire?
What about siblings who are not invited to the party?
Can we use sparkler candles?
Can I bring my own Balloons?
Can I bring my own food / drinks?
Can I take photo's and video's?
How do I book a party?
Can I pay with a debit / credit card?
Can I have Unlimited Go-Karts Use?
Do you provide party invitations?
Do I pay for Adults?
Party Terms and Conditions
How do I send you my list of Children attending the party?

Please email for your full list of children attending the party to: